Zeevik Gottlieb

Artist Blacksmith

Stand With ISRAEL!

The viewer’s involvement is very important for me. I’d like the viewer to look, to touch, to feel and experience.

We live in a new world where the media dictates our taste;

In a world that shrugs off whatever’s old, while idolizing the new;

In a world where the term ‘masterpiece’ is no longer clear, and there is no defined cultural canon.

In this world of baffling and enigmatic exhibits - I invite my viewers to draw near, to touch and turn items around. Please defy the “Do Not Touch” line, and touch the objects, do touch them!

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Live - the Showroom

Visit us and surround yourself with a brief glimpse into Gottlieb's inner world. Gottlieb creates by observation and the love of movement of the body, relationships and emotions. He follows the movement and flow around him, imbuing the iron with his own personal touch. 

Love - the Work

While contemplating the individual pieces we ask that you not only look at the exterior aesthetics of the work but see if you can identify with the internal and external issues displayed by them.

Laugh - the Workshop

Take that next step into creating your own work. Contact us below in regards to your thoughts and dreams to identify how we can bring you inner wishes to life.

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Events / Exhibitions

- Nov 2022 - Granot Gallery Israel